Our program provides children with dyslexia with individualized 1:1 tutoring using a multisensory, structured language education (MSLE) approach to teaching reading and writing. Students attend two tutoring session each week during after school hours on-site at our Lowell Center located at 79 Dutton Street. Our program is based in the ideas of Samuel Orton and Anna Gillingham and includes phonological awareness, phonics, reading fluency, including prosody, comprehension, vocabulary, grammar, spelling, handwriting and written expression. Our professional staff are specifically trained to work with children with dyslexia. 


We take pride in the fact that our clinical model incorporates the latest scientific research in the field of dyslexia remediation. We are structured and funded to serve this specific population. 


Our comprehensive program provides students with immediate feedback and a predictable sequence. Our method is explicit, language-based and success-oriented. Students move to more complex materials in a sequential, logical manner that enables mastery of critical foundational literacy skills. We often find that our instruction positively impacts a child's self-confidence, self-esteem and general approach to learning. 


In order to determine eligibility for our program, we require a psycho-educational assessment and an academic performance assessment completed within the past two years. Please contact us for more information and to request an admission application.